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Komunitas Hong (Sundanese Playing Community)

It might surprise you that Sundanese children have hundreds of traditional toys and games. Games that must be played in real life - not virtually like PlayStation. Most of the toys are made of bamboo and some other materials too. While the games mostly played in groups, or at least should be played by two children. You might also wonder why some of the toys has similarity to your toys back home.
This community formally named Komunitas Hong - Pusat Kajian Mainan Rakyat (Center of Folk Toys Research). It was founded on 2003 and has done research on toys and games before it was founded. This community strive to search and reconstruct traditional folks games and toys. They aim is to collect hundreds (maybe thousands) of Indonesian folks toys and games. However, at the moment they still concentrate to search into the Sundaneses first.
Actually this community is based in Subang, north of Bandung. Fortunately, now they have a base here in Bandung that you can visit at most times. Even easier, you can meet this community in Car Free Day Dago area every Sunday morning.
Let’s go back to your childhood and try out some unique traditional toys that surely will get your interest.

Komunitas Hong
Pusat Kajian Mainan Rakyat
Centre: Jl. Bukit Pakar Utara 35 Dago Bandung Tel. 022-2515775
Showroom: Jl. Merak 2 Bandung Tel.
Workshop: Kampung Kolecer, Kmp. Bolang desa Cibuluh Kec. Tanjungsiang Kab. Subang
Tel: 0260-480026

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