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Rumah Adat Cikondang (Traditional House)

Take some out of the ordinary trip to the south of Bandung. There you can find a village which still has a very old traditional house. Its name is the village of Cikondang. Actually in this village there used to be a traditional house compound, but unfortunately there has been a very big fire disaster that burnt so many houses. Now, there is only one traditional house left here known as the Bumi Adat (Custom House).
Bumi Adat is home to the traditional elders in the village of Cikondang. Its architecture is very distinctive and consists of a wooden-roofed wood fibers. Although it is still characterized by Sundanese traditional house, but the architecture of has its own special characteristics.
In addition to Bumi Adat, which became the main attraction in this village is there’s still a forbidden forests. This forest is located behind the Bumi Adat, and still very protected by the local peoples around. The villagers also still maintain the musical art tradition that is very interesting. Occasionally the musical art that is still performed on a particular events. There are some that uses bamboo musical instruments, and some are just using only human sounds.
To go to this place you can go through the road to Pangalengan. The distance from the city of Bandung is about 38 kilometers. After visiting this village you can continue your trip to Pangalengan village.

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