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Kosambi Market

Now many of the people who visit Bandung, come shopping to Pasar Baru (New Market). It is very interesting because the goods offered are fine, diverse and also very cheap! Well, actually, in the past, Bandung also has a similar favorite shopping market (still operating today). But because the management is not as good as Pasar Baru, this place is now forgotten.

Yes, you might have guessed, this place is called Pasar Kosambi (Kosambi Market). The location of this market is in Ahmad Yani street. We can also reach it from the terminal Cicaheum, continued westward toward the center of the city of Bandung through the Ahmad Yani street. If you leave from the center of Bandung, so we headed toward the East. And why did this market become the favorite shopping place in Bandung?

Actually, like the Pasar Baru, Pasar Kosambi also offers a variety of cheap but classy goods. The quality of the goods offered are quite fine as well. In this market we can find clothes, shoes, veils, and also household goods. Also, if the parents wanted to buy toys for their children, this market also offers some choices to stop the crying of Bandung children!

If you intend to look for snacks and souvenirs typical of Bandung, there are plenty of place to visit. But to get more variety the Kosambi Market is worth visiting.

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