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Moko Hill

Tired of the same old Saturday night? Want to throw a romantic surprise for your honey? Well, this time let’s make a different kind of date. In case you didn’t notice, Bandung has a perfect romantic spot and you don’t have to be such a high roller to have your pleasure in here. Meet Moko Hill, located in Cimuncang Village, Eastern Bandung. This 1500 metres-above-sea-level spot, serves you an awesome look of Bandung, during the day and night. Even though we have to go through steep climbs and rocky roads, but all those sweat and tears will paid off after you take a glimpse at the magical views of it.

In Moko, the hype hang out place is a food stall, named Warung Daweung. But, lots of people refer it as Moko Daweung. To reach Moko Daweung, you can pick one of three routes. First, there is Bojong Koneng route, which is the shortest route by distance. The other ways are Cimuncang route and Padasuka route. Cimuncang route has a really bumpy road and only off road vehicles who can nailed down this challenge. People usually choose Padasuka route because the road is not as bumpy as the others, even the steep climb is still there waiting for you.

If you’re lucky and come at the right time, the beautiful sunset is up for grabs. Tremendous view of Bandung without being blocked by tall buildings or trees will make your trip even better. These are the top list of what-to-see here in Moko. Don’t miss those beautiful scenes and your romantic moments, so capture them right away with your camera or video. Sipping a cup of coffee and munching your favorite snacks from the 24-hour food stall of Moko Daweung, while enjoying the peaceful and romance of Moko, will make you feel like, ”Wow, I’m in the La-La-Land!”

Well, you don’t need expensive restaurants or go to Paris to get all lovey dovey with your darling. Swing by to Moko Hills and let love blends with nature!

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